About Kibitsujinja Shrine

Kibitsujinja Shrine, located in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, is one of the biggest shrines on the Sanyo Road, enshrining Okibitsuhiko Okami as the central kami (gods or deities).

The magnificent main building of the shrine is a masterpiece of Japanese architecture in the "Kibitsu-zukuri" style, which is unparalleled in Japan.
The shrine is well known for the Narukama Ritual, which predicts good and bad fortune by the ringing sound of a cauldron, and for the origin of the folk tale, Momotaro.

Kibitsujinja Shrine is a Japan Heritage Site.

Stories that tell Japanese culture and tradition through historical attractions and features of each region are recognized as "Japan Heritage" by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
Out of the 27 designated constituent cultural properties, 8 are from our shrine.

Main Sanctuary and Worship Hall (National Treasure)
Kitazuijinmon Gate (Nationally Designated Important Cultural Property)
Corridor (Important Cultural Property Designated by the Prefecture)


We will be posting scenes from everyday life at our shrine.
Please take a look.

  • Year-Round EventsMore

    The following is an introduction to the main events.
    *New Year's Day Rites (Jan. 1)
    *National Foundation Day Rites (Feb. 11)
    *Grand Spring Rites (2nd Sun. in May)

931 Kibitsu, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture,〒701-1341

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TEL : 086-287-4111

FAX : 086-287-7644

By Shinkansen

JR Shin-Osaka Station (Sanyo Line) -
JR Okayama Station (approx. 1 hour)

JR Hakata Station (Sanyo Line) -
JR Okayama Station (approx. 2 hours)

By Car

15 minutes from Okayama Soja IC

15 minutes from Okayama IC

By Train

JR Okayama Station -
Kibitsu Station (approx. 30 minutes) -
10-minute walk

JR Kurashiki Station -
Kibitsu Station (approx. 40 minutes) -
10-minute walk